Ignjat Miletic | Director & Cinematographer


Ignjat is a director and cinematographer from the Netherlands who knows exactly what he wants and how to translate it to the screen.


Initially interested in the music scene he quickly answered to the passion of storytelling as a creative director for various high end  Ad agencies based in Amsterdam. After working together for years on both national and international brand campaigns, commercials and music videos Ignjat founded his own filmproduction company Visual Rockstars‘.

Whilst there are universal skills and techniques every cinematographer should excell in Ignjat has his own unique vision and approach. Ignjats trademark is capturing a story, with expressive images seen and felt in evey frame.


As an acclaimed Story teller he has the abbility to elevate images through a distinct use of color and brilliant camera movement to set the scene and convey the essence of the film/ad/commerial/video.



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